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In The Great Pyramid: A Factory for Mono-Atomic Gold, Cross identifies the purpose of the structure, what it was making, and the significance of this substance. The world is dominated by an all encompassing hierarchical system which is in and of itself involved in a relentless pursuit of money and energy extracted from the masses. So what is money? It can ultimately be traced in root to an element known as gold. It has been this way for thousands of years. So why is gold the chosen foundational token propping up the global economy? This question is examined and answered within this book..


John ~ "I think another subtitle for this book could be: "Secret to a Longer Life? Ancient Knowledge from The Great Pyramid." Cross' research makes so much more sense than conventional "tomb" theories regarding The Great Pyramid. Once I saw the interior infrastructure of this pyramid diagramed and read Cross' research, it was difficult going forward to place any credence in the conventional idea that the pyramid was a "tomb." From my perspective, Cross' theory that the Pyramid was a factory for mono-atomic gold is highly credible, especially given that the substance likely contributed to the longevity of the Elites. I have both the Kindle version for convenience and the paperback version. In the paperback the diagrams of the pyramid's interior construction, the mechanics and formulas of the chemical flow-charts are more easily decipherable for me. The information Cross sets forth in this work has important implications from both a scientific and humanitarian perspective. Very important read."

Chuck ~ "This book is quite a "wild ride" that links together significant prior research into an integrated theory postulating the real purpose of the great pyramid of Giza and the reason gold has always been held to be of such great value throughout the evolution of mankind. Relevant history, math, science and philosophy are all discussed in great detail and connected into a synergistic matrix that wraps around the central thesis of this book and supports a credible theory without presuming to be the final answer to the Great Pyramid enigma. The depth of the analysis will challenge the mind while leaving the reader wanting to know what new thoughts will spring forth from the questioning minds of those who read this manuscript."

The Great Pyramid:

A Factory for Mono-Atomic Gold

Author - Spencer Cross


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IMPORTANT UPDATE:  ALL CLASSES SUSPENDED. After further research I have discovered the Military Industrial Complex has had this technology for some time.  I have switched gears to uncover this truth as an "Anon" instead of swim upstream and navigate the gatekeepers within the disclosure community.  The truth shall be free for all.  I will not let up until this MIC version has been disclosed in FULL.